2017 Envy Prodigy S5
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Envy Prodigy S5 Complete Scooter

The new Envy Prodigy S5 scooter is the ultimate all-round scooter. Perfect for almost any level of riding from beginner right through to semi-pro level.
The Envy Prodigy has been the best-selling scooter for the past three years, and the new 2017 model is destined to continue that trend. With some serious improvements over previous models, the new Envy Prodigy S5 scooter features a new improved deck and has been beefed up with 120mm wheels.
Envy Prodigy Series 5 scooter features:
  • 6 Series ALU Prodigy deck | angle 82.5° | Width 120mm/4.72″ | length 495mm/19.5″ |Bolt on Nylon Brake system
  • IHC 6 series Forged/CNCV2 ALU fork
  • 4130 Cro-Mo bars with extended gussets 620mm/24.4″ high x 520mm/20.5″ wide
  • NEW TPR Handgrips 160mm long with Nylon Barends
  • 2 bolt Prodigy Clamp- 6mm bolts
  • Fully Sealed Integrated Headset
  • 120 mm Wheels 6063 Aluminium Extruded 86A PU- ABEC 9 Bearings
  • High Quality Griptape
  • Nylon Front Plate included


NAME Envy Prodigy
WEIGHT 3.7kg
BAR WIDTH 540mm (21.2")
BAR HEIGHT* 620mm (24.4")
DECK WIDTH 120mm (4.7")
DECK LENGTH 495mm (19.5")
*Bar height measured from top of headset

2017 Envy Prodigy S5

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